Utility and Operations Series

Panel—A Day in the Life of Reactor Engineers at Sites

Monday, November 18, 1:00-3:35 pm – Maryland AB

This panel will provide some insights into the Reactor Engineer position at a nuclear plant.  The requests and support needs vary depending on the status of the plant as well as planning for future core alterations.

Rebecca Steinman (Exelon Nuclear)

Chris Ehmke (Lead Reactor Engineer, Callaway, Ameren)
Nicole Lipps (Principal Reactor Engineer, Calvert Cliffs Station, Exelon)
Shawn Pinney (Reactor Engineering Manager, Limerick Station, Exelon)
Andrew Zuchelli (Reactor Engineer, Hope Creek, PSEG)


Protected Activity And Employee Protection – Experiences And Best Practices: Increasing The Awareness Of The Impacts Of Adverse Employment Decisions Related To Protected Activity

Monday, November 18, 3:50-6:00pm – Maryland AB

Protected Activity can be broadly defined as an individual reporting potential or alleged violations or non-compliances of regulated activity. There are multiple lessons learned across the industry related to the nexus of protected activity, employment decisions by management, and other associated discrimination activities. The personal and professional consequences for these adverse actions are severe. Awareness of those consequences and repercussions need to be expanded, and the general understanding of the specific circumstances that may apply to these situations can be improved.

Dan Churchman (Southern Nuclear)

Speaker: Thomas B. Saunders (Site Oversight Director Vogtle Units 3&4, Southern Company)

TMI-2 40 Years Later Part I and II 

Tuesday, November 19, 10:15 am-12:00 pm – Maryland AB

Part I: This session will provide a discussion of the TMI-2 Cleanup Program from people that were intimately involved. They will discuss lessons learned from the accident cleanup as it affected their organization and how they carried these lessons on to their careers following the completion of the clean-up. In addition this session will describe the status of TMI-2 today and future plans for the facility especially in light of the permanent cessation of operations of TMI-1.

James Byrne (Bryne & Associates)

Jack Devine (Former Vice President GPU Nuclear)
Lake Barrett (Former Deputy Project Director of the NRC TMI-2 Program Office)
Willis Bixby (Former head of the Department of Energy TMI Project Office)

Part II: TMI-2 today: How the TMI-1 shutdown affects activities at TMI-2 and the future of TMI-2.

Presenter: Greg Halnon (Chief Nuclear Officer GPU Nuclear)


Export Control for Utilities: What’s the Big Deal? 

Tuesday, November 19, 1:30-3:40 pm

10 CFR Part 810 was updated in February of 2015. Nearly five years later many utilities are still struggling with becoming compliant with the regulation and trying to understand their obligations under these regulations. This panel will explore the implications of non-compliance and discuss some of the considerations that will help utilities understand why this is important to them and how they can approach export control compliance.

Moderator: Margaret Harding (4 Factor Consulting)

Katie Strangis (Senior Policy advisor, DOE/NNSA, Non-Proliferation and Arms Control)
Clint Cantrell (Special Agent/Computer Forensics Agent, Homeland Security Investigations)
Dominic Casino (State INR Intelligence Analyst, Nuclear Power)
Mike Palmer (Superintendent, Corporate & Personnel Security –  Invited)