2016 International Topical Meeting on High Temperature Reactor Technology (HTR2016)

“Accelerating R&D on HTGR and Heat Application Technologies”

HTR2016 aims to accelerate research and development on HTGR and heat application technologies. The conference and technical sessions are intended to enable the practical use of HTGR systems, will discuss and provide information exchange on the latest results on associated technologies and future perspectives and plans.

The conference draws experts from research and industry decision makers of interest including utilities, user industries, nuclear venders and governments.

HTR2016 is:

  • The sole international conference focusing on high-temperature gas-cooled reactors including heat application technology.
  • A place to exchange ideas and knowledge through discussions on the latest information and on future perspectives and plans with authors, presenters and colleagues.
  • A forum for sharing peer-reviewed, full-length technical papers covering recent advances in HTR.
  • An international embedded topical meeting of the ANS Winter Meeting


Dr. Kam Ghaffarian – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, X-Energy

Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna – Director HTGR, Poland

Mr. Chris Hamilton – Executive Director, NGNP Industry Alliance

Dr. Minwhan Kim – Director HTGR Program, KAERI

Mr. John Kotek – Acting Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy, Dept. of Energy

Dr. Kazuhiko Kunitomi – Director General, HTGR Hydrogen and Heat Application Research Center, JAEA

Prof. Zhang Zuoyi – Director, INET

Technical Tracks:

National Research Programs and Industrial Projects

Industrial Applications and Markets

Fuel and Waste

Materials and Components

Reactor Physics Analysis

Thermal-Hydraulics, Structural and Multiphysics Analyses

Development, Design and Engineering

Safety and Licensing

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