General Chair’s Special Session

Tuesday, October 31, 4:30 – 6:30 pm


“Career Opportunities for Next Generations of Nuclear Engineers and Scientists in Advanced Reactor Markets”

Over the last decade there have been many start-up companies in Advanced Reactor technologies -both fission and fusion. This panel of industry executives from start-up companies will discuss what it takes to start a technology development effort, access challenges (financing, resources, and organization), and identify opportunities for young generations of nuclear engineers and scientists.

General Chair Panel:

Patrick McGrath (Director, ARPA-E)

Patrick McGrath
(Associate Director of Technology, ARPA-E)

Leslie Dewan (Transatomic)

Leslie Dewan
(CEO, Transatomic Power)


David Dabney
(CEO, StarCore)

Dr Eben Mulder

Harlan Bowers
(President, X-Energy)

Mike Laufer
(CEO, Kairos Power)