ANS Meetings App

Scan this code or type in Attendee Hub to your app store, download the app, then on the events screen search for ANS Winter Meeting and login to the ANS Winter Meeting App to experience all of the app features!

If you still have the email invitation sent to you by ANS Meetings:

1. Open the invitation in your inbox. Tap Verify Account.

2. Tap Open App. to complete the verification via your brand new mobile app.

If you need to retrieve your Verification Code:

1.  From the event homescreen, tap the hamburger icon (three white lines) at the top left of the screen.

2. Tap Log in for more features!

3. Enter your first and last name and tap Next.

4. Tap Resend Code to have your verification code sent to your preferred email address.

Or go to for the online event guide.



NOTE: All session evaluations will be done in the app only.