Call for Papers

Note: ANS charges authors a $100-per-printed-page fee for papers that are published in Transactions. All authors will be invoiced for the amount due. All authors also will receive by email a link to access an electronic copy of the meeting’s Transactions about one week prior to the meeting’s start.

Submitting a paper for the meeting:

Papers must be submitted to ANS five (5) months before the posted start date of a meeting by going to

The author’s responsibilities:

  • Follow required guidelines and template at
  • Submit summary of paper by posted deadline to ANS’s electronic submission system at
  • Complete any revisions requested by reviewers by the ANS deadline
  • Present summary at the meeting

ANS’s responsibilities as publisher:

  • Have paper summaries reviewed
  • Send letters out to the authors with reviewer comments
  • Let authors know that their summaries are accepted after revisions have been made
  • Include titles and authors of summaries in the official meeting program
  • Invoices authors for $100-per-published-page paper summary in Transactions
  • Have e-copies of Transactions available for all attendees at the meeting

All speakers must register for a one day, two day, or the full meeting. If you wish to attend additional activities or have a guest, you will need to register for these items as well.

Requests for Visa/Invitation Letters should be sent as early as possible to